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Massage Benefits

Why massage?


The muscle system provides movement.  Massage nourishes this system, enhancing movement and extending range of motion by lengthening muscle fibers.  Massage can help with issues that reduce movement, such as structural problems, injury or issues related to aging, to improve quality of movement.  The primary benefits of massage include:


relaxed  muscles
increased flexibility
stimulated lymphatic system

reduced injury recovery time
removed toxin build-up from muscles
enhanced feeling of well-being



Who benefits from massage?

Performance and working dogs.  Dogs are natural athletes.  Just as exercise maintains fitness, regular massage can help muscles stay toned and healthy.  Dogs who regularly face the stress and exercies of obedience, rally, agility and other sports or the work of herding, tracking and other focused activities benefit from the regular relaxation of active muscles and regular monitoring of  heavily-worked muscle systems.


Senior dogs.   As dogs age, they are more likely to suffer with arthritis, stiff joints, muscles spasms or reduced range of motion benefit from the enhanced circulation and movement of fluids in the muscle system when they are massaged.  


Recovering dogs.  After injury or surgery massage can help reduce inflammation, encourage formation of healthy scar tissue, and speed recovery. Dogs with long-term health issues can benefit from specialized massage techniques to reduce pain and manage care.  

Companion dogs.  Any dog will benefit from receiving massage! Dogs who are anxious can be soothed by massage, and that relaxation can carry over into daily life as muscles tense from "fight or flight" are encouraged to relax.  I am happy to coach owners in massage basics to build their pet relationship through positive touch.

Massage is designed to enhance circulation and to reduce muscle tension to complement your pet’s care and well-being. Massage is not a substitute for veterinary care.

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