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Pet massage services


I am pleased to discuss the benefits of massage with potential clients. A brief history of the animal's health and activities will help determine the best approach to support your pet's well-being.


Senior and companion dogs benefit from a relaxing massage every few weeks.  Sport and working dogs benefit from regular massage appointments as well as post-trial massage to ease any stress from the event.  Dogs recovering from surgery may be best served by frequent (2-5/week) massages, reducing frequency as the pet recovers.



We will work out a time convenient with your schedule and at a location where your dog will feel comfortable.  You are welcome and encouraged to stay with your dog during the massage.  During and afterwards we will discuss how your dog is doing and then schedule its next massage session.


Following the massage your dog may be thirsty, need to urinate right away or experience a burst of energy due to the metabolic boost from increased circulation.  Dogs should have access to plenty of water  to assist the body with the elimination of any toxins flushed from its muscles during massage.


I am mobile in the greater Tulsa area, and will travel outside of Tulsa for a small per mile fee. The massage itself will last 45-60 minutes. 


My relationship with your vet:

A referral from your veterinarian is required before your dog can be massaged. (please see sidebar)  I am pleased to work with your vet to meet the specific needs of your pet.  On request, I can provide a case summary to your vet to update him/her on your pet's progress.


The Oklahoma Veterinary Practice Act has specific guidelinesanimal massage practitioners. This includes three important requirements for the health of the pet and responsible provision of care by the provider.

1) Certification by an accredited program.

2) Liability insurance.

3) Referral by the pet's veterinarian.


As your pet's massage therapist, I will provide a copy of my insurance and certifications to your veterinarian prior to massaging your dog and I will keep a copy of the veterinarian's referral with my records.

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